Can a projector replace a TV?

Like Netflix or Prime Video, can a projector replace a TV? It absolutely can, however, they do require careful consideration. There are tons of benefits when choosing a projector over a TV, and we will delve deep into the reasons why. But first it is important to outline the fact that a projector can fill in just as well if not better than a TV in certain aspects. Although not as widely used, potentially due to convenience or effort, we will talk about why they are definitely worth the consideration.

Immersive Experience

Projectors can give a much more immersive experience. The size and feel a projected picture gives is often unmatched with many craving to match the feeling a cinema can give. Projectors are widely thought to be a more comfortable viewing experience compared to a TV, and like cinemas a more captivating picture. Additionally the overall viewing experience can be affected by which screen you decide to go for, why not check our blog on What Home Cinema Screen Should You Purchase? 

Price advantage over big TVs

Projectors are actually a cheaper option compared to a big screen HD TV in a comparable size. If you’re looking for size and, in turn, immersiveness, projectors are what you should be looking for. 

Eye comfort

Using a projector to watch your favorite TV shows and movies is actually better for your eyes than watching from a TV. One of the main reasons for this is projectors reflect light whereas TVs emit light. Reflected light is more comfortable for your eyes and doesn’t strain them as much as emitted light. 

Great for commercial settings

Projectors can really bring value to businesses as well, big or small. Whether this be for an office setting to show presentations, or to add impact to a surroundings like a restaurant. Why not check out our case study of Morgan’s Bar & Grill where we set up a projector for their restaurant to add atmosphere.


With trying to watch your usual appso would be achieved via an AV amplifier, allowing you to connect your phone, tablet, laptop or even console via a cable between the projector and the amp.

Things to consider

Just like purchasing a TV, getting yourself a projector comes with its own challenges. We will go over some of these, and it may be worth considering if you are interested in getting yourself a projector to replace your TV.


Some projectors can be affected by ambient light that comes into the room. Even with curtains drawn, ambient light seeping through them can affect the quality of the image. You will want to look at short-throw projectors which tend to perform much better in high lit environments if you want to experience projectors at their best.


Projectors may be a fair amount cheaper than a big screen TV, however they do run with an operating cost. The usual projector bulb lasts for around 5,000 hours, for an average household watching TV and films for around 4 hours a day, that works out to just over 3.5 years.


With a projector, you will require an audio system as most do not come with audio output. Those that do are typically lackluster quality. When buying a TV for example, you have the option of just using the TV’s audio. We do recommend looking at a soundbar at the very least to compliment your media room setup.

Space and placement

Projectors may require more thought when planning on placement. Short throw technology has come on a lot in recent years and this allows many people with smaller rooms to justify a projector system.

Your requirements

To conclude, a projector is a great choice over a TV but it ultimately depends on your requirements. What are you looking for? If you’re looking for immersiveness, on a budget, comfort and the space for it, then a projector is definitely the choice for you! 
If you have all things considered and believe that going for a projector or home cinema set up is for you but you don’t know where to start, feel free to give us a call on 01732 758985 or contact us free home cinema survey and consultancy.

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