Sevenoaks Basement

A ‘blank canvas’ provides interior designers with a great deal of potential and it’s no different for audio visual specialists like Lake Home AV.  The owners of a luxury property in Sevenoaks, Kent wanted to take advantage of their basement room which was under-used and identified as a great way to add value to their already sumptuous home. 

From blank canvas to picture perfect

The owners wanted to turn the basement into a versatile room which would have custom lighting, a cinema screen and storage – great for movie watching, gaming, hanging out and hosting parties.  The room needed complete redecoration and storage built-in which Lake Home AV were able to complete alongside the AV installation. 

Clean lines were a key part of this room’s design, and a stud wall was built to conceal the speakers and screen mechanisms. A fabric screen was stretched across this wall and discreetly fixed in place to create the all-important cinema effect.  

Beneath the screen, bespoke cabinets were designed to hide the audio-visual systems and another stud wall was built to accommodate slimline storage cabinets.  

For the room to have ultimate cinematic surround sound, the clients chose a 7.2.2 speaker system using a Yamaha A3080 AVR and a Sonance R1 cinema speaker. 

A palette of lighting

In a room such as this, lighting is important. To bring this room up-to-date, LED RGBW strip lighting was installed around the perimeter along with Phillips colour changing wall lights, all of which are fantastic for creating the right mood and atmosphere: the cinema feel can become immersive or the room can be illuminated for a party.  Lighting really does afford versatility.  

As this was a complete room transformation, Lake Home AV carried out all the works including decorating the room according to the client’s wishes.  The project was completed within two weeks with very little disruption to the family.  

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