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Create the right mood with a Home lighting Automation System.

Home cinema lighting can make or break the atmosphere and experience in your home cinema room. That is why it is very important to carefully consider what type of home lighting automation system you should have installed. A home cinema room should be dark enough to not distract from or upset the image projected but also bright enough for you to navigate out of the room without tripping over the dog.

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Home Lighting Control System

A home lighting automation system is essential to your home cinema. Without some form of intelligent lighting system, you will have to jump from your seat every time you want to dim or switch on lights. Lighting control systems allow you to sit back and relax, controlling your lighting either by automation: For example when a film starts the lights dim automatically, or by some form of remote control such as a smart device or smart assistant speaker.

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Lutron the industry leader in lighting control

Luton offers one of the world’s widest selection of dimmers and lighting control solutions. A foundation for any home cinema or smart home, Lutron provides the best solution for any application Lake Home installs. Retrofit or new build, Lutron has bespoke products for each application.

Homeworks QS

“Redefining expectations” Lutron Homeworks QS is a system that offers seamless control of light in your home. Dimming, window coverings and fixtures, Lutron Homeworks QS is the premium solution for any home cinema or smart home enthusiast.

Featuring sophisticatedly styled and intuitive controls, you can create the perfect scene for your room with a single pre-programmed button.

Lutron RA2

Retrofittable lighting control systems for any home or budget. Lutron RA2 allows you to enjoy personalised smart lighting and blind control in any home with their professional retrofit solution. Lutron RA2 allows you to stay in control of you home lighting wherever you are in the world using their intuitive smart phone app.

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