Short Throw Projectors

Projectors are a great addition to any home cinema setup. They give you that immersive cinema experience in the comfort of your own home. The problem is, you need space for a projector, and given that many British homes are seriously lacking in this area, does that mean you have to forego this superb way of watching your favourite film?

The answer is no.

You can absolutely get all of the benefits of using a projector without the need for metres of space by using a short-throw projector, such as the HISENSE Ultra Short Throw Projector.

What is a short throw projector?

You can have a large screen with a short-throw projector even if you do not have a particularly large room. They should be able to achieve an outstanding image on the 120-inch screen while standing only a metre or two away from the wall. If you move the projector approximately three metres away, you should be able to easily produce images that are more than 200 inches in size.

A HISENSE Ultra Short Throw Projector is a small and discreet projector that can create big images to really help you get the most out of your movie.

A short-throw projector projects onto a wall as opposed to the ceiling or the floor. Because the optical lens on short throw projectors is oriented in a forward direction, you will need to position them closer to the wall (usually within ten metres) in order for the projector to function correctly.

What are the advantages of a short throw projector?

When using a projector that has a long throw, you will require a large amount of area. Because they need to be placed at a considerable distance from the screen, projectors were first associated with spaces designed to resemble theatres, which are impractical for most people. 

Another issue that should be taken into consideration is the distance between the display source and the screen. The greater the distance, the greater the likelihood that you will observe image distortion and deterioration. When a projector is set up so that it faces the audience from behind, people and other viewers, like your pets, can get in front of the lens and cast shadows on the screen. This can be annoying. 

In essence, the advantages of a short-throw projector are the opposite of the drawbacks associated with long throws. When you have a short throw, the light does not have to travel through as much medium, so the image quality is more consistent from start to finish. Then the biggest bonus is the flexibility of installation in rooms and areas of different proportions. Now, high-quality projectors with a short throw can be put in even small spaces like studio apartments. Previously, these projectors were only suitable for homes with expansive living areas. This quality is especially helpful for gaming, as an increasing number of people want to enjoy this activity on enormous displays that cover an entire wall, despite the fact that they live in standard urban flats. People who in the past would have been put off by projectors due to their prohibitive setup requirements are now able to use them.

A truly immersive experience

When it comes to displays, it is not an overstatement to suggest that bigger is better. For this reason, we enjoy going to the movies, where we may view some of our all-time favourites. Similarly, playing video games in a big-picture format delivers a more immersive experience than playing on a screen that is 50 inches in size.

Because these projectors are capable of displaying a variety of colours, the broader display enables you to see everything more clearly.


When moving from one room to another, transporting a portable projector is a lot more manageable than transporting a television or monitor. Projectors are more flexible than traditional screens because they can be quickly put away in a bag and taken wherever they are needed.

This enables you to easily change any area into a leisure environment where you and your friends can enjoy movies or play games together.


A projector gives you a great deal of leeway in terms of personalising your experience. Because they are portable, short-throw projectors provide you the freedom to move them around the room and experiment with how they work best in various settings. Because of this, it is much easier to view movies and play games in accordance with your preferences.

Final thoughts

A projector with a short throw distance such as the HISENSE Ultra Short Throw Projector is an excellent purchase that offers more value than it does for the money spent. It can be carried around easily, it is not too expensive, and it provides an immersive experience for gaming and viewing movies. 

For more information on home cinemas or if you are even interested in getting yourself a Short Throw Projector, get in touch with Lake Home AV today.

Hisense Ultra Short Throw Projector

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