Morgan’s Bar & Grill

In busy Bromley, Kent, Morgan’s Bar & Grill is a new restaurant that is the destination for great food, great drinks and a great atmosphere for young professionals. 

The team behind the Bar & Grill wanted the interiors to reflect their clienteles’ tastes and joie de vivre as well as being able to adapt the décor to seasonal needs.  Lake Home AV provided some ideas on how this could be achieved, suggesting the best options for the venue, and bearing in mind budget. 

Bringing an idea to light

Lake Home AV created multiple zones in the restaurant by installing RGBW LED colour changing lighting strips that could be illuminated in different colours, that are controlled via a Rako control system.  Colour changing LED strip lighting is versatile and fantastic for bringing a room to life for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas or can create the perfect party ambience or dining ambience, it’s that easy to use. 

The Rako control system is centralised and accessed via an app on a smartphone or tablet, making it an excellent choice for situations where there are many users as it eradicates the risk of lost remote controls; multiple remote controls can lead to confusion too and on a busy service night at Morgan’s, they would be one more thing to think about.  Automation is all about simplifying the process.

 A JVC projector was added to the interiors to display aspirational imagery or videos.  This was a subtle way to add impact to the surroundings as well as being cost-effective – imagery or videos can be changed quickly and at low cost, ensuring that the décor appears fresh and new on a regular basis to keep customers engaged. 

These features make the restaurant an attractive destination – perfect timing for them as we, apparently, embark on the post-pandemic ‘Roaring Twenties’.  Bespoke AV and lighting design solutions such as these are a great way to stand out from the crowd in the busy hospitality marketplace.  They demonstrate thought and consideration about décor and a desire to connect with their patrons in a way other eating establishments may not.

‘It was a great job to do and we were really pleased with the finished look and functionality,’        Luke Kavanagh, director, Lake Home AV.

After care

We pride ourselves on our customer service and we always perform a return visit to check how the installation is going, answer any questions and recap on training, should it be needed.  

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