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Home cinema lighting can make or break the atmosphere and experience in your home cinema room. That is why it is very important to carefully consider what type of lighting you should have installed. A home cinema room should be dark enough to not distract from or upset the image projected but also bright enough for you to navigate out of the room without tripping over the dog.

Many home cinemas have “house lights”, commonly these are your standard LED downlights which can be switched on when you want to clean the room or use for other purposes other than watching films.

In this article, we detail the home cinema lighting we at Lake Home commonly install. Not every solution is right for every customer. We highly advise getting a consultation with a home cinema expert to help you choose the right lighting design for you.

Starlight Ceiling

Possibly the most popular home cinema lighting design we install. Starlight ceilings use fibre optics to create pinpoint lights to form a starfield on your ceiling. Starlights add that ‘wow’ factor to your home cinema and are perfect for watching films as they do not distract the viewer and the projection image. They don’t however, provide enough light suitable for navigation in and out of the room so an additional light source is recommended.

Stair Lighting

Similar to what you will see in a cinema, under step lighting allows you and your guests to see where the steps are and also provide some ambient lighting too. These lights can easily be dimmed or turned up depending on the situation and can be bright enough for all situations.

LED Downlights

Although a pretty standard affair, LED downlights are ideal for many situations in a home cinema. They can be dimmed to a very low level so they do not distract and can be turned up for navigation around the room and cleaning. Some LED light fittings available can also be colour changing, allowing you to set the mood however you want.

Cove Lighting

Cove lighting creates a fantastic effect of a light beam surrounding your room. An LED strip is installed around the cove of the room which creates a great effect of height as well as ambient lighting. In a lot of cases, the LED strip features colour changing abilities so you can set the mood just right.

Lighting Control Systems

A lighting control system is essential to your home cinema. Without some form of intelligent lighting system, you will have to jump from your seat every time you want to dim or switch on lights. Lighting control systems allow you to sit back and relax, controlling your lighting either by automation: For example when a film starts the lights dim automatically, or by some form of remote control such as a smart device or smart assistant speaker.

If you have any questions about lighting design or lighting control Lake Home are always on hand to help. www.lakehome.co.uk – 01732 758985

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